It doesn't matter elected or not, the RICH buy all

USA per carter is an 'Oligarchy" a country ran by a few rich

are the rich clowns? Most certainly the rich are inbred morons, by definition, often they are handled by 'management'

but in all cases in human history

plantation owners ( generally harelip imbecile silver-spoon geeks )

house-niggers ( fauci type )

field-niggers ( cops, worker, labor non-management )


In all cases the elite fuck children, always have and always will;


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The world has long been ran by Satan

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Obama was elected at one point so it might be better to put in a different clown there but I get the sentiment. Perhaps some royalty.

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OBAMA's granny was CIA, is step-fateher CIA, so Obama was groomed for his role;

They can make anybody a hero, and anybody a villain;

Ronny Raygun was a 1920's gay-beastiality porn-star 'grade b', most famous movie 'bedtime for bonzo' about leaving his human wife for a chimp 1940's, but in 1960's GE hired RAYGUN and made him into "SUPERMAN",

Same for TRUMP, just a conman, bagman for kosher-nostra, but along the way the CIA (MED-MIC) decided to give him the 'role of his life'

Same for "John Wayne",

They can take anybody in HOLLYWOOD and make him a superman, or turn him into a limp dick fool;

Like Putin said, "BUSH-1 was the smartest & strongest POTUS he has seen in his lifetime", but USA media portrayed BUSH-1 as a limp-dick fool, ... telling as PUTIN pointed out, on the other hand Obama is treated like "Royalty", mostly cuz he's homo, and his wife with a dick

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Yes, sounds about right. My point was that the meme claims unelected and the mug in the middle was elected. People like to look for consistency and congruency to inform themselves and if something is obviously wrong then perhaps the important message can also be ignored.

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You pretty much need to view it like wizard of oz, pay attention to the men behind the curtain when they tell you to ignore that man, then you pay attention

Elected don't mean shit that's a homo-pedo popularity contest, if thats your litmus test, then you deserve to be ass fucked by team-america

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