Love that you said this. Remember, Soros realized a few years ago, it was cheaper to buy a states AG than the governor or State Senator or REpresentative.

He will continue to buy up the states elected representatives...more BANG for the BUCK.

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Not all grassroots uprisings are down to Soros. But most appear to be. From the woman’s March on dc, to the people’s vote March in London.

Yet I’m not too sure about the Gilets Jaunes as Soros’ mini man Macron has been in office all the time France has been implementing the reset, before it was Christened G8 Reset. Starting as a fuel protest.

Is he just one of a handful or a good distraction? After all, his and his NZ German Estonian Aristocrat partner Niels De Taub over at Quantum have managed Rothschild money for decades.

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